Jason is an Eagle Scout and wears his Eagle Scout uniform to his
Blue & Gold Shows, a nice touch that will have an impact on your scouts!

Are you looking for entertainment for your Blue and Gold banquet that will amaze and amuse both the kids AND adults alike?

Are you worried that the "enthusiasm" of the Scouts will be too much for the entertainer to handle?

Wouldn't it be great if there was a magician who was ALSO an Eagle Scout, and would wear his Eagle Scout Uniform to the show?

Well, there is! Magician/Eagle Scout Jason Hudy has performed at literally hundreds of Blue & Gold banquets, and his show is guaranteed to entertain your Pack as well! 



Hello, my name is Jason Hudy. I started my journey in scouts as a Tiger Cub, worked my way up through the Weblos, received my arrow of light and went on to become an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts.

In addition, I've been performing magic for 15 years and have performed across the country for clients such as ESPN, Chevrolet, Lego and on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on national CBS-TV!

I've combined both worlds and created a "Blue & Gold" magic show that will entertain scouts, siblings and adults alike!

I've performed at hundreds of Blue & Gold banquets and I know that when the scouts get together, they can get . . . . excited to say the least! My experience allows me to keep the show fun AND hold control over the audience.


As you can see from the picture above, the show is entertaining for
scouts, siblings AND parents alike!


Combining magic, scouting and audience participation, Jason's
show is sure to amaze and amuse your audience!

 "What makes the show so much fun?"

HILARIOUS "CLEAN" COMEDY: Everyone will be laughing non-stop from the time the show starts to the very end. In fact, I average over 100 laughs in the 30 minute show! There is no adult humor whatsoever...guaranteed!  No need to worry about what your group will be exposed to because everything in this show has been kid tested and parent approved! (and many times, parents tell me that they enjoy the show even MORE than the kids!!!)

AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION:Getting the audience involved in the show is a sure fire way to insure success!  Everyone helps to make the "magic" happen and both scouts and siblings will be invited to come up and participate in the show. And as you might imagine, the look on a child's face when they are on stage and performing magic is priceless!

AMAZING MAGIC: I guess we should mention about the magic, huh? The magic will have the entire audience "oohing" and "ahhing" over the impossible being performed right in front of their eyes!

If you'd like to see your Pack laughing, smiling and applauding at your Blue & Gold,
my magic show is guaranteed way to make that happen!

"OK, everything sounds great,

what's the next step?"


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