A party that will be more fun than a barrel full of monkeys!

Imagine your child and all of his or her friends literally "rolling on the floor with laughter", totally amazed and amused, and having a birthday party they will always remember!

If you are looking for entertainment for an upcoming birthday party that will have children and adults alike "oohing and ahhing" and having a great time, read the information below!

 Magicians in Michigan New Chico

Jason with "Chico the Mind-Reader", a hit at every family-friendly magic show Jason performs!


Magician in Michigan Birthday Party Magic Show

Show Packages Explained:


The Silver Package


My SILVER birthday party package consists of a 30 minute HIGH-ENERGY audience participation, 100 Laughs GUARANTEED Comedy Magic Show! The kids will be oohing and ahhing as the magic happens literally right in front of their eyes!

Of course, the show is FILLED with audience participation, and your child is the STAR of the show!

If you watched the video on the previous page, you can hear the kids laughing like crazy, and I guarantee that for your kids too!


In fact, you'll be pleasantly surprised when you see how the kids "take to me" within the first minutes of just arriving for the show. Even shy children immediately smile and laugh along with the other kids. It's an experience that involves all of the kids together as a group and its one they'll talk about this whole year!


And after the magic's done, the show's not over yet!



Hey, for some reason, all kids LOVE balloon animals! They love everything about it, choosing the color of their balloon, choosing which animal they want made, and watching as all different animals are made.


Your child's face will light up as he or she receives their very own balloon animal, and it cracks me up to watch 15-20 kids "walking" their balloons along the floor!


Between the show and balloon animals, are you looking at about 45 minutes of total entertainment time. (And in a typical 2 hour party, this is about right as it leaves time for cake and presents!)

 Michigan Magician Balloons


Total investment for the "Silver Package" the magic show and balloon animals is $160 

But as they say on the infomercials, hold the phone, there's more!


The Gold Package


My GOLD birthday package comes with everything in the silver show, and MORE!

  • You get the 30 minute "FunTastic" magic show 
  • Every child will get a balloon animal to take home 




Michigan Magician Magic Wand

Jumping Magic Wands!

If you would like, every child can receive their very own "jumping magic wand!" Not only is this a cool magic wand, but I also teach the kids how to make it "jump" 10 feet into the air! Children as young as 5 can make the wand jump. It will crack you up at all the kids run around "zapping" each other with their magic wands and making them jump!

Total investment for the "Gold Package" the magic show, balloons and jumping magic wands is $160, plus $3 per wand. (Just tell me how many kids you will be expecting, approximately. We'll do the final tally at the party, piece of cake!)



 It'll be the easiest party you've ever thrown!

"An Hour of Complete Entertainment"- Between the show, balloon animals and magic wands,
you're looking at a full 60 minutes of wacky, crazy, zany FUN! 


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what's the next step?"


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